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To hear words such as “this is the best Summer Conference ever” or “the presenter provided exactly what I needed” is affirming. It is apparent that you presenting atour Summer Conference provided an exceptional opportunity for teachers…”

— Delores P. Ali —

Education Consultant
NC Department of Public Instruction
Career & Technical Education Division

[Olenka] has a unique ability to gain trust and respect within a short amount of time… Forty-five days after the leadership camp was completed students continued to say, “she was the best speaker I have ever seen, bar none!” and “She helped me think positive for the entire weekend.”

— Mark Carpenter —

Rotary District 5490
Rotary Youth Leadership Award

This session was more than i expected. I left the training feeling completely excited and geeked up about the student success and achievement possibilities. Ms. Olenka Cullinan’s welcoming and positive spirit was infectious, and he passion for the content resonated troughout her presentation.

— Atiba D. Bethea, Sr. —

Marketing Teacher

Featured By:

Association for Career and Technical EducationArizona Girls Athletic FoundationArizona State UniversityBoys & Girls Club of AmericaInteract ClubJob Corps
Team mPhasisNational Association of Secondary School PrincipalsNational Association of Student CouncilsRotary InternationalTedX Youth


Many Speakers Motivate

Olenka inspires into action

Having moved to the US with $450 in her pocket, Olenka has lived through about every “I-can-never-be-successful-because” excuse a human can make. She teaches youth and adult influencers to stop preparing for the perfect moment and start doing instead.  She ignites brands to be great innovators in the Millennial and GenZ marketplace.

She has the ability to inspire others to
stop preparing and start doing!

Popular Speaking Topics:

Build Your
“Success Backbone”
Yes, Olenka started Rising Tycoons to teach future leaders the “how-to” of success and that if skills are learnable, Success is learnable too!
Fail Your Way
to Success
If you don’t believe that we live in an anti-failure conditioned society, think of all the things you did not do in your life because you were afraid to fail!
Live Your Life
by Design
Fact: when you drive somewhere, you figure out your final destination first, then calculate the trip. Is that how you live your life?
Act Like a Woman,
STEM Like a Man
Stereotypes?! Discover how to empower young girls not to be “one of the guys” in STEM and what it takes to become a STEM role model for all students.

All Olenka’s Topics are customizable

This was pretty amazing to watch as [Olenka] successfully managed to cross both cultural and gender barriers with her presentation. She held the audience spellbound… Students wanted to learn and do more because they felt empowered, capable and motivated to make changes.

— Mick Chamberlain —

Principal, IntelliSchool, PV

I loved your passion and enthusiasm and had to email you immediately…which was 2 minutes after you finished! …I think it will be the difference between us being just having a good program and us having a great program that impacts young ladies where it changes the course of their lives.

— Mario Olsen —

Asst. Superintendent
Cumberland County Technical Education Center

I want you to know how amazing you are and how much I love the positive message you keep sending to us teens. Sometimes it feels like No one gets us or that we don’t have a voice, but I’m glad there is you out there…

— Lois Grace —

Freshman, H.S.

Olenka Has Worked With:

Association for Career and Technical EducationArizona Girls Athletic FoundationBoys & Girls Club of AmericaGateway Community CollegeGrand Canyon UniversityInteliSchoolInteract Club
Job CorpsTeam mPhasisNational Association of Secondary School PrincipalsNational Association of Student CouncilsRotary InternationalTedX YouthTesseract School


#girlsinSTEM, #girlsinBiz
Olenka believes that “being a Passionista means to inspire people into action towards their dreams, to be the
‘hope and possibility agent.’ It is 100% about lives touched in a positive way, and spreading more Girl Power!

Do you need a real Passionista to inspire the next gen of #girlbosses into Action at your school, college or business?

Do you know a girl or a group of girls who need help with turning their dreams into a dream life?

Do you need the Millennial generation motivated in your business?

Are you looking to boost your young ladies’ self esteem?

Olenka has co-authored a best-selling book, Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams with incredible #girlbosses, including CEO’s, founders, influencers, entertainment giants, and more sharing their authentic stories.

Let’s chat now!

Let’s help your future Passionistas turn their dreams
into a dream business, attitude and lifestyle!

Inspiration, dedication, persistence towards a self-directed destination is the passion that secures results. Passionistas: Tips, Tales and Tweetables from Women Pursuing Their Dreams teaches that with joy and insight.

— Mark Victor Hansen, —

Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series,
author of The One Minute Millionaire,
The Aladdin Factor and more

Available on Amazon and featured on Huffington Post

Inspire a future Passionista in your life!
20% of all proceeds will bring more underprivileged youth into Rising Tycoons Programs!

Interested in Olenka and Passionistas to
inspire your #girlbosses and #ladybosses?!

Brand Ambassador

Olenka is not just a speaker
she is the “consumer to brand” connector!

Assemblies – Workshops – Trainings

Interested for Olenka to Become your Brand Ambassador?

Looking to communicate your brand’s vision to a teen or millennial audience and their adult influencers?
Contact Olenka now to craft a Rising Tycoons Promotions program.

Olenka's Speaking Engagements become Your Brand's Message!

Olenka interacts with thousands of youth and their adult influencers globally, in person &
digitally, with a direct goal of delivering your brand’s message via speaking tours and field sales events.

Brand Ambassador for:

Olenka’s passion to boost your brand combined with her
unchallenged expertise in the millennial arena are what
make her an ideal brand ambassador!

Make Olenka Your Brand Ambassador!

  1. Sponsor a regional or national field tour (for teen & millennial audience)
  2. Sponsor a field sales, product launch, promotional product or fundraising event
A. Choose one or more specific activity/event, or craft your own custom field promotional tour.
B. Choose a regional or national tour sponsorship level: Bronze, Silver, Gold


Need help with your passion path? Your brand’s identity?

Leadership skills? Speaking message?

Bootcamps – Trainings – 1 on 1 Coaching

Olenka’s experience with youth and millennials combined with her tested training and leadership skills as well as her keen eye for the “coolness factor” brings creativity and relevance to help you and your brand to level up in the market place.


Join Olenka for #istartfirst Bootcamp to discover

Business of income vs. business of impact

How your mentor circle affects your income (not that “the 5 closest people” old adage you already know!)

The reasons you need to stop preparing (and start living!)

Proof that your Brag equals your Impact

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